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Music is a complex yet quite intriguing subject and it is for this very reason that I invested the time to research, compile, organize and simplify the hundreds of songs, song titles and artists for everyone’s pleasure. Music Picklists is a one man operation founded in 2020 by someone with no musical talent. All I know is that I always seem to remember lots of lyrics, band names, song titles and solo artist’s names. Most people will say “I like this song” but have no idea as to who sang it or its title. For some of us, almost everything about the song matters which is the driving force behind the creation of this site. 


Music Picklists’ goal is to be the premier online resource center for popular music by providing everyone a user friendly guide that pays tribute to the music legacy of the past 8 decades.  


These comprehensive music listings are meant to enrich our music knowledge while browsing through the all time favorite rankings as we discover and rediscover the fascinating world of music.