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Alternative Rock Bands

These are the most popular alternative rock bands.

1Talking Heads1910,000 Maniacs
2Depeche Mode20The Fray
3U221The Cranberries
4Elvis Costello and The Attractions22Faith No More
6Red Hot Chili Peppers24Beastie Boys
7Pearl Jam25Stone Temple Pilots
9Foo Fighters27Garbage
10Coldplay28Echo and The Bunnymen
11The Cure29Linkin Park
12Midnight Oil30The Killers
13Soundgarden31Jane's Addiction
14Counting Crows32Alice in Chains
15Oasis33Violent Femmes
16The Smashing Pumpkins34The Psychedelic Furs
17No Doubt35Radiohead
18Squeeze36Nine Inch Nails