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"Food" Band Names

These are the best known bands/groups whose names contain a food related word.

1Cream20The Lemon Pipers
2Red Hot Chili Peppers21Cake
3The Cranberries22Hot Chocolate
4Bread23The Honeycombs
5Pearl Jam24Marmalade
6Hootie and The Blowfish25Strawberry Alarm Clock
7The Black Eyed Peas26Humble Pie
8Sugar Ray27Honey Cone
9Blue Öyster Cult28The Cookies
10The Honeydrippers29Tangerine Dream
11Peaches & Herb30Blind Melon
12The Smashing Pumpkins31The Lemonheads
13Vanilla Fudge32The Sugarhill Gang
15The Raspberries34Country Joe and The Fish
16Wild Cherry35The Electric Prunes
17Sugarloaf361910 Fruitgum Company
18Spice Girls37Buckcherry
19A Taste of Honey38Moby Grape