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Greatest Lead Guitarists

These are the most celebrated lead guitar players of all time.

1Jimi Hendrix26Jerry Garcia
2Eric Clapton27The Edge
3George Harrison28Steve Hackett
4Jimmy Page29Andy Summers
5Carlos Santana30David Gilmour
6Keith Richards31Billy Gibbons
7Pete Townshend32Angus Young
8Stevie Ray Vaughan33Mick Ronson
9Ritchie Blackmore34Joe Perry
10Brian May35Robbie Krieger
11Eddie Van Halen36Curtis Mayfield
12Jeff Beck37Kurt Cobain
13B.B. King38Steve Cropper
14Neil Young39Frank Zappa
15Bo Diddley40Prince
16Stephen Stills41Robbie Robertson
17Chuck Berry42Mick Taylor
18John Lee Hooker43Randy Rhoads
19Dickey Betts44Don Felder
20Joe Walsh45Mark Knopfler
21Duane Allman46Frank Zappa
22Tony Iommi47Steve Gaines
23Neil Young48Slash
24Terry Kath49Rick Derringer
25Johnny Ramone50Randy Bachman