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Songs With "Forever" in the Title

These are the most popular songs whose titles contain the word “Forever.”

1The Stars and Stripes ForeverJohn Philip Sousa1896
2Strawberry Fields ForeverThe Beatles1967
3Forever YoungRod Stewart1988
4Always and ForeverHeatwave1977
5Together ForeverRick Astley1988
6Forever ManEric Clapton1985
7Now and ForeverRichard Marx1994
8Forever Came TodayThe Supremes1967
9Forever in Blue JeansNeil Diamond1979
10Nights Are Forever Without YouEngland Dan and John Ford Coley1976
11Diamonds Are ForeverShirley Bassey1971
12Please Love Me ForeverBobby Vinton1967
13ForeverKenny Loggins1985
14Viva ForeverSpice Girls1997
15Forever Your GirlPaula Abdul1988
16Nothing Lasts ForeverEcho & The Bunnymen1997
17Love is ForeverBilly Ocean1986
18The Night Won't Last ForeverMichael Johnson1979